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Sujet 1: Développement multimodal pour la plateforme MEP... à cliquer!
Sujet 2: Offre de stage: Conception GUI et Architecture pour le prototypage rapide d'interactions multimodales... à cliquer!

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I obtained a Ph.D in Computer Science in Bordeaux 1 University in December 2009. I currently hold a post-doctorate position in ESTIA, France. My current research is focused on bi-manual gestural interaction techniques for 3D sketching in large spaces, with an application to augmenting a ballet dance show.


Centres of interest

Emotion Branch: PAC Hierarchy

My main research topics encompass the fields of software engineering, Human-Machine Interaction (HMI), emotion recognition and augmented reality. More specifically, my centres of interests are:

Keywords: emotion recognition, software engineering, movement, dance, augmented reality, multimodality.

Application: Augmenting a ballet dance show

My applicative goal is the augmentation of a ballet dance show through innovative interactions. Those innovative interactions include emotion recognition for animating 3D elements in an augmented stage and creating 3D shapes by hand on stage.

Movement based emotion recognition

Study of movement with a motion capture suit

eMotion is an emotion-recognition software based on movement analysis. Movement characteristics and their interpretation are derived from the literature in movement-based emotion recognition in Psychology and Computer Science. This software is used to recognize in real-time the emotion expressed by a ballet dancer, whose movements are captured using a Moven motion Capture suit (link).

Within the frame of the ANR-CARE project (link), eMotion is part of a distributed system that allows using the recognized emotions to alter the size and color of virtual characters on stage.

eMotion is licensed under the GNU General Public License V3. eMotion can be downloaded here (sources, .zip, ~8Mb).

On Stage Virtual 3D sculpture

My current research is about setting up a system and bi-manual interaction techniques for allowing a dancer generating virtual surfaces on stage with his hands.

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Publications and Thesis

A list of publications can be found on this page.

Details and download of my Ph.D. Thesis, "The emotion Branch, a conceptual model for integrating multimodal emotion recognition in interactive software: application to movement and augmented dance." can be found on this page.


I am currently involved in the ANR (French National Research Agency) project CARE (Cultural experience: Augmented Reality and Emotions). CARE is a French research project funded by the French research agency (ANR). The project brings together 7 partners, whose goal is to integrate, adapt and develop augmented reality related tools to enhance the emotion produced in cultural performances.

The CARE project web page (

Collaboration: Artistical Events

The Gare du Midi
The Gare du Midi

My research and application case relies on a collaboration with a national ballet dance institution: the Centre Chorégraphique National d'Aquitaine - Malandain Ballet Biarritz (link).



Algorithmics and Data Structures : ESTIA 1st year. 92h eq. TD. [Énoncés TD]
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OS / Interoperability : ESTIA 1st year. 32h eq. TD. [Énoncés TD]
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Group Projects: Programming in C
ESTIA 1st year. 28h eq. TD.
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Information Systems and PHP : ESTIA 2nd year. 214h eq. TD. [Information System page]
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Networks : ESTIA 2nd year. 78h eq. TD.[Networks Practicals Webpage]
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JAVA : ESTIA 2nd year. 78h eq. TD. [Cours] [Énoncés TD/TP]
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Graphical Interfaces: JAVA Swing : ESTIA 2nd year. 24h eq. TD.
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Graphical Interfaces: JAVA Swing : UPPA, Computer Science Master Degree (1st year).
[Cours 1 : MVC] [Cours 2 : Java Swing]
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GUI Rapid prototyping and VBA ESTIA 2nd year. 13h eq. TD. [Cours] [Énoncés TD]
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Group Projects : ESTIA 2nd year. 48h eq. TD.
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Group Projects: Application Sessions : ESTIA 2nd year. 24h eq. TD.
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Mixed Reality : UPPA 2nd year Master students, Computer Science Dpt. 10h eq. TD.
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2006-2009: Ph.D in Computer Sciences of Université Bordeaux 1, carried out in ESTIA.

2004-2005: Master in Computer Science, University of Pau (UPPA). Specialty: 3D, Mixed Reality, Imaging.

2001-2004: Engineer + Master degree in Computer Science, Ecole Polytechnique de l'Université de Nantes (EPUN). Specialty: Networks.